Virtual Hues

Client: HUES Boutique Hotel
Industry: Hospitality

The Brief

One of Dubai’s favourite getaway locales, Hues Boutique Hotel needed a digital upkeep that matched up with its opulent and impeccable hospitality experience – the existing strategy was outmoded and unable to cater to target segments who wanted to locate hot deals and rates, all in one place. With a surge in online booking and customers preferring the internet to over-the-counter transactions, the Hues Boutique Hotel had to either keep up or risk losing a sizeable customer base to its competitors that had adapted their strategy.

The Creative Solution

sparkplus designed a user-friendly website that the customers would enjoy perusing, where online booking can be made with the utmost ease. With the aid of front-line industry tools to place the brand at the top of online search results, Hues would once again take its place as the leading hospitality provider for a fun and relaxing experience.

The Outcome

Customers found it effortless to navigate, prospect and purchase Hues Boutique Hotel offerings, resulting in a spike in global sales.